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How to be a Productivity Ninja – the book!


Get the book. Worry Less, Achieve More, Love what you do.

Forget time management: This is how to get things done in the age of information overload

This is the book to read if you’re a stressed out knowledge worker with too much on your plate and too little time to get it all done in.

A relevant, timely and essential read for every twenty-first century worker bogged down by information overload, this highly readable, practical book will revolutionise the way you work, creating playful, productive momentum you never imagined possible in your work and life.

Graham addresses why traditional time management theory and practice fails in the real world, and presents a potentially life-changing approach to the mastery of your time, workload, email, meetings and crucially, your mind.

  • Learn the tools, strategies and systems that have been taught to and implemented by thousands of Think Productive’s workshop participants across the UK and Europe.
  • Apply Ninja-level tips, tricks and approaches to every area of your working life – and even beyond that into your personal life too if you want to.
  • Revolutionise your approach to email, learning the art of getting and keeping your inbox at zero.
  • Forget 80% of your meetings and make the other 20% the highlight of your day.
  • Stop relying on your to-do lists and learn the four key habits that guarantee you relaxed control and peak productivity.


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The Book’s Chapters:


1.  The way of the Productivity Ninja

2.  Why we get stressed

3.  Attention Management

4.  Ninja Email

5.  Ninja Productivity: The CORD Productivity Model

6.  The Capture and Collect Habit

7.  The Organise Habit

8.  The Review Habit

9.  The Do Habit

10.  Ninja Project and Meeting Management

11.  Momentum

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